Mulan - martial artist / GUNWOMAN

She inherited her father’s sword when he passed away, and it’s everything she’s got left from her real family. She doesn’t carry it on missions but she does train with it, making it some kind of meditation to work on her clumsiness. When the team recruited her, they made her feel like she had a family again, and since then, she’s been slaying people in exchange for money. She went into the army, following her father’s footsteps and, frustrated by how women were treated (even though she was stronger than most men), she got out and joined the team.

She carries a submachine gun and a handgun for most missions.

  • training in the forrest/wheat fields with her sword and weapons.

  • Calisthenics (push-ups with , etc)

  • Firearms training : we see her shooting at a target on a tree. The shot is the target in the back, and her looking back at the camera with her gun.

  • She’s cleaning her sword by the river, meditating, doing martial arts (tai chi)

  • getting in combat gear

Merida - Demolition expert

Merida is the rebel of the bunch. Grew up in a family where she had to conform to the norm, and definitely didn’t like it. To counter that, she used to go out on her own in the forrest to blow and shoot things up. Now, it’s become her job, mainly because she can’t stop from blowing things up. She’s even been forbidden from testing and building bombs in the safehouse because she almost blew the entire team up to pieces.

  • Tinkering a bomb in an abandonned warehouse. She’s got a small crate on which she’s building the bomb.

  • Hiding from the blast.

  • Customizing her new rocket launcher (or another explosion-type weapon), biting on a stick of dynamite.

  • Walking out through a smoke bomb, drinking bear

  • getting in combat gear

Aurora - drone operator

She spends a lot of time in bed playing with her drone. She’s also always wearing pajam bottoms in case she gets to take a nap. It’s not because she’s got her drones that she doesn’t go into combat though, she’s all in by her friends’ sides.

  • she’s in the woods, playing with her drones for target practice.

  • Asleep with her drones in her arms ?

  • Attack mode : assaulting in the woods with the drones on her side

  • Stitching NapQueen into her red cape

  • tinkering with her drones

  • getting in combat gear

Jasmine - breacher

She spent her entire childhood protected and sheltered. Unable to make her own choices and let out any emotions freely. Now she breaks everything, she breaks men mostly. She’s got anger issues.

Lieux: petite ceinture (14e), indus abandonné

  • she breaks down a door with her shotgun

  • takes down a guy at gun point, holding her shotgun behind his head. Taking him “hostage”.

  • Sitting on the guy, reloading her shotgun

  • getting in combat gear

Tiana - cook / planner

Definitely didn’t have the easiest life but to counteract this, she had to plan most of her life to get a sense of control, some sense of safety and continuity, which was mostly absent from her life. This made her pretty amazing at planning and she loves to cook pastries, something she took up as a kid. She handles most of the logistics and planning of missions, with some help from Moana, and she cooks… sometimes.

Lieu : boardroom

  • Putting together a miniature 3D blueprint on the table, knife in the table

  • trying to fix a problem, holding a gun to her head.

  • drawing, studying the info on the white board, eating something

  • getting in combat gear

Megara - infiltrator / deceiver

She spent most of her life deceiving people as she worked (mostly slaved away her entire childhood) to get what other people wanted. Now that she’s got a team behind her, she does it for herself and the team, but it took quite a toll on her and she’s become quite a bad drinker because of it. Also, she’s got trust issues towards most men. She works with Cinderella on a lot of investigations.

Lieu : hotel bedroom

  • she comes close to the man, sitting on the bed, being seduced, she’s got her knife behind her back;

  • she sits on top of a man with a knife at his throat;

  • Filling her glass, pointing a gun at the man;

  • She’s got a glass of alcohol nex to the bed, where the corpse is lying. Phone with message : it’s done. She’s got a paper with info.

  • getting in combat gear

Cinderella - spy / investigator

Cinderella is the spy of the bunch. Never afraid — and quite good — at investigating people and organisations. She can gather any information you need and disguise herself to enter a building full of bad guys. She’s a cameleon who’s not afraid to take the extra steps to make sure the missions go through correctly.

lieu : hotel bedroom, office

  • she’s stands in front of a huge corkboard wih lots of pictures and informations, a map, etc…

  • She’s got headphones on her head, watching security tapes.

  • she’s getting ready to go undercover, dressing up, concealling her weapon.

  • Looking for something, snooping around a room.

  • getting in combat gear

Vaneloppe - Hacker/tinker

Having been raised with video games & the internet, she is a natural with anything regarding technology as she spent most of her time playing around with computers. Now, she can hack pretty much any server, and may or may not have hacked the pentagon…

  • in her “office” with lots of computer screens and tablets (holograms ?). She playing video games at the same time. Her gun on the side.

  • fixing up a computer and creating something with it (a smartwatch or something)

  • getting in combat gear with her wrist screen

Belle - medic

Taking care of everyone around her, making sure they’re happy and safe is what Belle is all about. Being a medic, she doesn’t like to go into firefights that much, but she does come on missions to take care of her team in case something goes wrong.

  • an injured person on a table covered with a cloth. She’s trying to help, surgery and stuff.

  • Then, dead corpse, she’s got a drink and a gun in her hands.

  • patching herself in the field of combat, tying bandages on her arm

  • getting in combat gear

Snow White - hand-to-hand combat expert / mechanic

Growing up with 7 boys wasn’t the easiest thing ever, but she managed, by learning how to fight like them. Eventually, she outgrew them and was able to better them. This constant fighting in the house made her quite the good boxer and she sure as hell doesn’t hate it. Spending time with her brothers has made them share interests so now she’s not only a girl who likes to rumble, but she loves to tear apart an engine like no one on the team.

  • in a garage with a punching bag : she’s fixing up a motorcycle or car,

  • hitting the bag, wrapping her wrist.

  • getting in combat gear

Rapunzel - sniper

Spending her entire childhood in a high castle on her own, she can handle the solitude, and she’s gotten quite good at shooting things from afar in her tower.

Location: abandonned warehouse / mountains or gorges

  • she’s getting ready to fire.

  • She takes notes, checks her rifle beforehand, etc.

  • Climbing up to her spot

  • Shot through the scope with her eyes in view

  • getting in combat gear

Pocahantas - radio operator

Stuck in the wildlands for most of her life, she had to find a way to communicate with the rest of the world. That’s how she learned to use all kinds of radios and to hack her way into different com systems.

  • She stands on or at the bottom of a radio tower, plugged into it with her gear. She’s got a radio, a camera and headphones.

  • getting in combat gear

Moana - team leader

She was destined to lead her people and now she leads her team of mercenaries. She handles the clients and money, as well as some of the logistics with Tiana.

Location : same room as Tiana ? or another boardroom

  • she’s counting money and checking the weapons. Holding out folders and files of top-secret missions.

  • Getting all her gear in order.

  • getting in combat gear

Ariel - underwater operator

The water is where' she feels at home, safe, even in a firefight and bombs are blowing up on the surface. It keeps her calm, centered. Probably the heritage of her father’s genes.

  • Coming out of the clear-blue water, with her gun on. She’s getting ready for a firefight.

  • Checking her gear after getting out of the water in a rocky, isolated area.

  • Underwater shots.

  • getting in combat gear