The story of batboy billy

This story started out as a short film that never got made, turned into a short story that never got finished, to finally become a photoshoot that was finished.

Although I never finished the short story and never produced the short film, it gave me a really good vision on what I wanted the shoot to look like: the props, the characters, the locations...

These photographs are the result of a lot of planning, an 8-hour photoshoot, and an amazing team. 

It was a beautiful sunday afternoon in Los Angeles. Billy Marianno and Katlyn Barlow were relaxing on what seemed like a normal day for the couple.

It wasn't.

They  were one of those couples you would envy for being so perfect for each other.

They had met on a train ride  to Los Angeles. He had just gotten out of the military, she had just finished college. They had been together ever since, living the simple California life.

There were two things Billy could not live without.

Katlyn, and his Harley Davidson.

He took great care of both and liked nothing more than taking Katlyn on the back of his motorcycle for a ride along the coast.

It was one of the simple pleasure they had always loved to share.

It was a great life for the two of them. Nothing seemed out of place.

She had a teaching job at a middle school in town.

He was... well...

You could say Billy had a very unusual profession. He was what you would call an "enforcer" for the L.A. mob.

But he was not just any enforcer.

"Batboy Billy"

That's how he was known in the organization.

After his dad - an accountant for the mob - was killed, the boss took him in and raised him until he went in the military. When he came back, his skills were very quickly put to good use.

He was the man the boss would send to take care of highly-important tasks. Beating up treators or rivals, getting money from crooked politicians, taking care of a dirty cop.

He had done it all.... And he was damn good at it.

Anything to protect his family.

A couple days before, Billy had asked Katlyn to marry him.

She had say yes, and he was now debating whether or not he should tell her his secret...

For all these years, all she had known was that he owned an autoshop, which was true, but how would she react if she learned the truth about him.

He feared her reaction. She was everything to him. With her, he was just Billy Marianno, not Batboy Billy.

The news of their engagement had spread and between her work at school, and the meals with their friends and families, this sunday afternoon date was the only alone time they had gotten since she had slipped on the ring.

Billy was happy, but there was something else on his mind...

A few hours before their date, he had learned that the death on his father had actually been ordered by the boss of the mob, the ony who had taken him in.

He was unsure about what to do. Should he let it go? Should he seek revenge?

If he did, it meant leaving Katlyn until everything was taken care of...

"I have to go. I'm sorry." 

It was all he said to Katlyn after bringing her back to their house.

He rode away on his motorcycle.

She had no idea.

He had purchased a safe house for situations like this one, but bringing her here would have just put her in more danger than necessary.

For hours, he kept making up a plan on how to go about avenging his father.

He must have dodged over a dozen calls from Katlyn.

Every call he had to dodge was another knife in his chest. He was letting her down... And it was the hardest thing he ever had to do.

He couldn't involve her in this.

He had to get back to her...

They had lied to him, and he was gonna make them pay.

Then, it hit him. He was going to do what he was the best at, what they had used him for.

That night, his war against the L.A. mob started.

He took out several associates that night.

One by one.

He hald helped build this empire, and he was going to bring it down.

He had to act fast or they would suspect something, and he would not be able to get back to his life with Katlyn.

He wondered...

"How long until they would have decided to take me out like my father?"

He began pondering on the reason they would have had to assassinate his father.

Maybe he did not know him as well as he thought.

Maybe he was just a treator like a lot of people he had to take care of...

It did not matter. It was too late.

He had started this war. He had to finish it.


He had to get back to Katlyn.